Insulating Joint


Insulating Joint

Insulating Joint

Insulating Joint is monolithic insulating joint with the sealingproperties, strength properties required by the underground steel pipelines andinsulating properties required by the electrical corrosion. It consists ofassembly unit, insulating board, insulating sealing filler, seal ring, pups,etc.

Features of Structure
The insulating joint is monolithic type. It is the type of fixing theinsulating board and insulating sealing filler into the assembly unit. Aftercompletion of assembling of the insulating joint, the internal components shallbe fixed at the relevant positions. The
whole insulating joint is in good condition under soil pressure, specifiedpipeline operating pressure and factory or field hydraulic test pressure. Thesealing component contacts with the insulating board tightly inside theinsulating joint and
has everlasting elasticity. In addition, both sides of the sealing componentcontact directly with the naked surface of metal without moving, which ensurethe compactness of the insulating joint.

Features of Product
1. Insulating Performance: insulation resistance ≥10MΩ (under 1000V DC)
2. Dielectric Strength: ≥5KV (DC, hold 60 seconds)

3. Applicable Temperature: -40 —+100

4. Applicable Medium: gas, oil, water, chemical materials, etc.

Features of Material
Insulating Material: ASTM D709 G11
Flange Forging: ASTM694 F60,ASTM A694 F70 ASTM A694 F52, ASTM A105N, ASTM A350LF2, etc.
Pup: API 5L GrB, API 5L Gr BNS,ASTM A 106B API 5L PSL2-X60M API 5L PSL2-X52M,API 5L PSL2-X70 API 5L X70/X60/X52/X42, SA516 Gr70 SA516 Gr55 API 5LPSL2-X52NS,SA516 Gr60 SA516 Gr65 API 5L PSL2 –BNS ,etc.
Sealing Materials: O-shape or U-shape seal ring (VITON, nitrile butadienerubber)
Design Code
ASME VIII Div-I App.2 ASME VIII Div-II App.2 ASME B 31.3 ASME B31.4,ASME B 31.8
On Field Handling and On Line Installation
Handling of heavy joints, by means of lifting device, shall be made with carefor avoiding damages to coating. It is suggested wrapping and lifting the jointwith suitable bands/ropes/belts (two at least: one for each pup) made ofsuitable and
strong enough fabric and/or material that shall not cause any damages tocoating. Bevel ends for a length of 50mm. shall be preliminary cleaned, takingoff the protective anticorrosion varnish. Joint internal surfaces shall be freefrom soil, dirt,
dust deposits, humidity and others; proper check, removal and cleaning ofinternal surfaces are always a good practice.
Joint shall be positioned to perfectly align pipeline. Joint’s bending and/orrotation shall be avoided, especially if next to joints is forecastedinstallation of flanges and/or bends, It cannot be as compensation component inthe pipeline.